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Thank you to everyone who has believed in what we were doing for the last 9+ years. I am humbled by all the kind words that have been said about me and the Spitfire. I have been dealing with this as "its just a bar, no big deal." Any other way would be way too emotional. I know it wasn't "just a bar." I never wanted to own "just a bar." The idea that we could always do more and be better and there are no rules on what can be done was always our religion. It was as intended - a place for those who felt awkward and out of place everywhere else (whether you listen to punk or not). If you were comfortable with who you were, so were we. I have learned so much about life and people and business from the Spitfire experience. I have also learned a lot about myself and my strong and weak qualities. I am proud of what we have done at Spitfire and the mass amounts of kind, talented, diverse and just great people the Spitfire has attracted.